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Global Tourism Plastics Initiative


How to become part of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative

Businesses, destinations, associations and NGOs can become signatories of the Initiative.


"Business signatories" include tourism businesses of all subsectors. Currently, there are signatory packs available for accommodation providers, tour operators, travel agents, online travel agents, platforms and suppliers. Interested airlines, cruise lines and event organisers are also welcome to join and should contact the Coordination Team.

"Destination signatories" include national and local governments or destination management organizatoins (mainly public sector led).

Associations and NGOs can become "supporting organization signatories", together with business networks and other entities such as certification schemes, academia, consultancies and/or destination management organizations (mainly public-private or private sector led), which although do not have a large plastic footprint per se, can create multiplier effects across the tourism value chain.

Potential signatories should familiarise themselves with the Terms of Reference of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative as well as its common vision and common definitions, which can also be found in the annexes of the signatory packs for each respective organisation type at the pages linked to below.

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Get in touch with the Coordinating Team to find out how you can be part of the solution to plastic pollution: