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The 4th global conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme “The Transformation We Need” took place between 24-27 April 2023 in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, convening over 350 on-site and 1000 virtual participants from a range of actor groups. The conference focused on how food systems need to be transformed to overcome the multiple deeply rooted and interlinked crises of hunger, malnutrition, health, inequality,  increasing cost of living, climate, biodiversity, conflict, and energy in order to achieve the SDGs. The conference released an outcome document with a series of thematic key messages. Read more about what happened at the 4th global conference!


The Sustainable Food Systems Programme

The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme is a multi-actor partnership focused on catalyzing urgent transformation towards sustainable food systems, as a critical strategy to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Through a shared vision of inclusive, diverse, resilient, healthy and sustainable food systems, our partners collaborate on joint on-the-ground activities, research initiatives and advocacy efforts in support of more coherent and holistic policies to address complex food systems challenges. To do this, the SFS Programme promotes a ‘systems-based’ approach, which tackles the food system as a whole, taking into account the interconnections between the elements and actors of our food systems and the indispensable trade-offs.


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The SFS Programme is co-led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica, the Federal Office of Agriculture of Switzerland (FOAG), and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). A Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee and a large network of partners collaborate on joint on-the-ground and research initiatives, policy support activities and policy advocacy efforts to address complex food systems challenges.

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