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Sustainable Food Systems Programme

Working Group to Support the Implementation of National Pathways

The Working Group (WG) to ‘Support the Implementation of National Pathways’ was established in late 2021 by the Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme as one of its key actions in support the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) follow-up process.

The UNFSS called for a major transformation of food systems to address the challenges the world faces today. At country level, national governments have developed National Pathways for Food Systems Transformation, reflecting each country’s vision, objectives and actions for transforming its food system.

The WG provides an inclusive environment for open dialogue and knowledge sharing to support the implementation of National Pathways. This includes identifying and sharing best practices, highlighting key areas requiring support, and identifying collaboration opportunities.


The Working Group carried out its first face-to-face workshop during the 4th global conference of the SFS PRogramme in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, on 27th April 2023, with four National Convenors and a range of stakeholders.



Key Activities

  • Provide a space for open discussion: Convene working group sessions focusing on sharing information and approaches on support to the implementation of National Pathways to improve practices and results.
  • Facilitate shared learning for food systems transformation events: Organize learning events bringing together countries and the ecosystem of support to exchange and co-learn on what is needed to transform food systems and how can organizations best support in addressing key topics. For more information, please refer to our "shared learning" page.
  • Map ongoing initiatives in support to pathways implementation: Map and share initiatives carried out by the ecosystem of support in assisting countries with their National Pathways implementation. The aim of the mapping is identifying potential collaboration opportunities, avoiding replications and fragmentation, and maximizing synergies and coherence among the various initiatives.

Current members