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Simplot John West Australia: Case Study on Communicating Food Sustainability Information to Consumers

  • Published on May 2, 2022

This case study presents Simplot John West Australia’s approaches, challenges and successes on communicating food sustainability information to consumers.It is one of a series of twelve case studies developed by UNEP, WWF and GlobeScan which include efforts by companies and labels to communicate food sustainability to consumers. The case study could be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


John West Australia, a seafood brand and processing company, is owned by Simplot, which purchased the business from Unilever Australasia in 2003. John West Australia is a national leader in the seafood space - 91% of Australians are familiar with the brand, which sells over 80 million cans of seafood per year, representing about 1 in every 3 cans of seafood sold in Australian supermarkets.

John West Australia aims to put sustainable and responsible seafood sourcing at the heart of the John West brand and seeks to position itself as an expert in high quality, responsibly sourced seafood. The company believes its aspiration to lead on sustainability will drive purchase intent, especially with young shoppers, and build brand loyalty by giving consumers a reason to choose John West products over the competition.



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