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Stop the Honk and Breathe Clean: Metropolitan Municipality of Lima campaigns will continue educating citizens

  • Published on July 31, 2022

In order to make vehicle drivers and neighbors aware of the effects of noise and air pollution in the city, this year the Municipality of Lima will continue to carry out its Stop the Honk and Breathe Clean campaigns



The campaign activities will take place between 9 am. and 12 pm, on the border between the districts of Pueblo Libre and Jesús María, and in the Cercado de Lima.  

Specialists from the Lima community will measure the level of sound pressure generated by the intensity of improper use of the hornActions will have the support of the district municipalities and the National Police of Peru. Likewise, the gaseous emissions of the vehicle fleet will be evaluated and the level of environmental contamination will be identified; educational ballots will also be delivered to drivers.

These actions will continue to be carried out at least three times a month on roads with high vehicular traffic in the capital. They seek to promote the responsible use of horns, reduce the noise generated by them and educate about the importance of carrying out vehicle technical reviews on time.


The Municipality of Lima will continue to carry out these campaigns, as part of the Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Sound Pollution in the Province of Lima (2021-2025). At the end of the administration, it is expected that more than 35,000 drivers will be committed to a Lima that breathes clean and puts a stop to the honk. To date, the Municipality of Lima has educated more than 25,000 drivers and pedestrians; Likewise, the emissions of more than 950 vehicles have been measured.

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