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eBird digital platform user manual

  • Published on September 29, 2022

The eBird digital platform was created in 2002 by the Ornithological Laboratory of Cornell University, United States.

This allows anyone in the world to share their record of different bird species in a single database related to the distribution and abundance of birds in the world.

eBird promotes collective work, in which the observer can contribute to the knowledge and conservation of birds. In addition, with this application you can openly access the information collected for the benefit of research, conservation and education projects.

The Municipality of Lima has prepared this manual for all the people who will participate in the Global Big Day in Lima. This post has easy steps to create an account, upload records, share them, and edit your listings.

This manual facilitates the use of the collective knowledge platform regarding birds in the city. Thanks to this ease of providing information from the personal or collective experiences of people, it is that sensitivity towards the other species that coexist with us is motivated and, let us emphasize in our thoughts that we are not alone in our ecosystems, no matter how much we live in a city; but we must live and respect other forms of life in the cities. And the only way to do it is knowing them, seeing them and studying them, this is what this platform offers and it is thanks to the manual that we can easily access it.

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