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Composting Manual

  • Published on September 29, 2022

The manual is intended to be a useful tool aimed at all people (children, adults and the elderly) who want to learn in a didactic way the steps to start composting at home. What is composting? What benefits does it bring? How is it that composting favors our plants? How to do it and with what methods? How to pay? These are the main questions that this small manual answers, which is useful for the thousands of neighbors who live in Lima, especially those who take advantage of their organic waste and have orchards.

The city of Lima has as one of its environmental problems the final disposal of its solid waste; Being the most populated city in Peru, household waste is significant; however, most of these residues are organic; that is, compostable, they can return to the earth and feed the land of the gardens that provide food to the communities. Although Lima is a good city to carry out this practice, not all residents know how to compost; That is why this manual was made, to promote sustainable ways of life where this organic waste is not thrown away and instead is used.

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