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With Sustainable Consumption to Climate Change Mitigation

Educating children in elementary school as future consumers about sustainable consumption habits and their impact on climate change. Motivate children and their parents, teachers and the community to initiate positive changes in the local community through practical and creative exercises.

Education and exercises that are being implemented through this event deal with consumption impacts the world we live in. Children, as main target groups of the educations, are the ones that will inherit environment we are creating so it is important for them to know the relevance of shifting to more sustainable consumption and production. Apart from this, children will gain a valuable insight and new skills related to the issue of organic waste and how to make it useful. The most important lesion regarding this topic is the process of disposing of organic waste by composting and thus gaining new raw material essential for production of new plants (vegetables, flowers, etc.). Since the target groups are children that live in urban area, other important topic they will be thought about is how to cultivate food in their homes with different aspect shown in case they live in a house with garden or in a flat in a multiapartment building with limited access to meadows and cultivated fields. To raise their awareness on the food they buy in supermarkets, local stores or at farmer’s markets, they will be thought on different aspects of food cultivating or farming and how to make a distinction between ecological farming and organic food and the one that is using formulas with questionable benefits to consumers. Finally, children will be given basics on how to steer their behavior as consumers in a more sustainable direction by choosing products that use less or none plastic wrappers to decrease plastic waste. Also, they will receive guidelines on how to act as a responsible energy consumer through different tips and tricks for saving energy at home. Although the children are main target groups of these educations and events, their new knowledge and insights will also be transferred to their parents, siblings and teachers, thus facilitating change in their habits and behavior and making their community more sustainable in the scope of sustainable production and consumption.

Published on January 26, 2022

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