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WORKSHOP REPORT: Consultative workshop on sustainable food value chain with focus on food services and tourism sector

  • Published on October 6, 2021
Workshop objectives:
• Introduce the value-chain approach as adopted by the One Planet-International Resources Panel
Task Group.
• Provide key findings of the analysis of the food value chain with the focus on food services &
• Understand what initiatives/solutions currently exist at the food services stage of the food value
chain to:
o define the opportunities for their scale-up and replication;
o identify gaps and challenges to be addressed;
o identify messages that tourism sector would like to address to stakeholders involved in
food value chain at production, distribution and waste management stages to improve
resource efficiency of food operations at service stage.
• Contribute to the development of the Global Roadmap of Food Waste and Loss in the Tourism
sector by recommending systemic solutions that address more broadly resource efficiency of food

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