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Updating the WWF-SASSI consumer tools

  • Published on January 15, 2019
To ensure that the South African consumers, chefs and retailers have up to date information and tools to make informed and responsible choices.
The WWF-SASSI fish list is independently varied by academic and other experts and the species status is decided through a rigorous scientific process - this has lent credibility to the list and as a result the SA consumers value and use the tools. The challenges have not been with the communication or the tools but rather with the actual rating of a species. Many industries and recreational fishers have stated that some of the red listing of species (a red listing encourages consumers not to buy this species as there are major conservation concerns) has been too harsh or that not all factors have been considered. These contentions have generated much dialogue on public fora such as social media platforms, angler magazines, emails etc. and has also had the added benefit of encouraging more people to download and use to tools to ascertain the most updated information and enter into the debate. While there has been a shift to the use of the WWF-SASSI app, it is found that many seafood consumers still prefer the old printed tools such as the wallet-sized pocket cards and the posters (see attached), this has meant that several communications channels are needed to disseminate information and create awareness and dialogue.

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