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Unilever's Sustainable Agricultural Code

  • Published on October 13, 2021

The Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code is a collec-
tion of Good Practices which aim to codify important aspects of sustainability in farming and to apply them to our Supply Chain. The scope and ambition of the Code reflect the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan objectives, making it fundamental to our business. In tandem with positive partnerships along our supply chain, the Code will drive sustainable development and responsible sourcing practices.

The Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code is one of the major tools in our sustainable sourcing programme. Since 2010, when it was first launched, it has helped us gain a clear overview of how quickly we are progressing towards our sustainability ambitions in agricultural sourcing. This year, we are launching a new updated version of the Code to reflect our evolving understanding of sustainability and of the contexts – geographical, cultural and political – within which our farms operate. As with the original version, our new Code sets out major targets for farms and suppliers to work towards, inspiring them to make sustainability mainstream. It is also closely aligned with other Unilever policies, such as Unilever’s land rights policy.

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