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Guide to good environmental practices for an eco-efficient home

  • Published on July 31, 2022

The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima has prepared this guide to guide the Lima community on how to reduce the use of single-use plastic, properly segregate waste, consume energy efficiently and other ways to contribute to the construction of a sustainable city.

The document is extremely important because the city of Lima is the city that produces the most organic and inorganic waste in all of Peru, in that sense knowing how to segregate waste is very important.

In addition, since this city concentrates a third of the country's population, environmental education initiatives should be encouraged so that there is an adequate use of energy and alternative options to single-use plastics.

On the other hand, Lima is a city that depends on the weather to obtain water. Since this is brought from other regions of the country, it is therefore very important to spread a moderate and responsible use of water.

In conclusion, the city of Lima is very vulnerable to climate change and its inhabitants do not always have the necessary information to use resources in an efficient and sustainable way. For this reason, generating simple, educational and friendly documents for all audiences is very useful for disseminating environmental education and motivating a sustainable lifestyle.

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