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Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA)

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, founded in 1996, stimulates ongoing sustainable growth by embracing the value of tourism through community engagement, innovative leadership in promoting authentic experiences, and inspiring creative collaboration. 

They are working with the municipalities and regional districts in the Thompson Okanagan region, Canada, to support their efforts to ban or reduce single-use plastics.

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association commits to: 

  • Encouraging tourism industry stakeholders, in particular their Biosphere Committed Entities, to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative.

  • Educating and guiding their stakeholders (4000 tourism businesses in the region) on how to better manage plastics in their operations, how to take a more circular approach and how to set targets to address plastic waste.

  • Communicating successes through multiple channels, including their website, weekly newsletter, industry, and consumer-facing social media channels as well as through presentations to domestic and international audiences.

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association is motivated to take action from both directly experiencing the impacts of climate change for many years in the Thompson Okanagan region and understanding the co benefits of social, economic and environmental activities designed to address climate change.  
TOTA will lead by example: sharing knowledge, raising awareness and driving collaborative action as we stand alongside like-minded travel and tourism companies acknowledging the issues around us. 
We commit to learning from one another, taking responsibility for our actions and will push for regulatory action, research and development on climate.