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Sri Lanka National Youth Parliament

Youth Parliament of Sri Lanka serves as a platform for the Sri Lanka Youth community to come together for the unity of purpose of empowering them to participate in leadership and innovation process by networking with professionals and each other to increase the realization as a generation of youth that are responsible, democratic, respectful and accountable. The vision of the Sri Lanka Youth Parliament (SLYP) is to convert the Sri Lankan Youth community to a responsible, respectful and accountable democratic social group. The first session of Sri Lanka Youth Parliament (SLYP) commenced on the May 23, 2010, commemorating the International Year for Youth at the Sri Lanka Youth Center Auditorium in Maharagama.

The main objectives of the Sri Lanka Youth Parliament are to develop leadership skills of Sri Lankan youth community and create a conducive atmosphere for them to recognize their talents and competencies; to develop the practical knowledge in youth community on issues and challenges in the political sphere; and to develop the skills in recognizing things correctly, logical thinking and listening skills. The SLYP creates a platform that brings youths together from different parts of the island and empowers them through the participation in simulated parliamentary sessions. This allows them to take up the role of decision makers and gives them first-hand experience on the democratic decision-making process. Moreover, the SLYP facilitates intercultural communication and understanding while enabling the youth to play a leadership role in identifying and addressing the needs of the communities they live in.


All the members of the Youth Parliament are being elected through an election process The SLYP has 23 ministries including Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Media and communication, Ministry for Sports and Ministry of International Solidarity.