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Nature Awareness and Conservation NGO

Hope you and your family are in safe and well. Because we are blessed, let’s bless others with corporate social responsibility and gratefulness. Unsustainable development and corruption cause deforestation. We can save more lives thru mangrove and upland tree planting in partnership with the coastal and upland farming communities. Experience Helping the environment, supporting local livelihood and securing a sustainable future. At the same time learn from the locals, be healed by nature and adventure.


Tree Planting Benefits

  1. A Healthy Forest means a healthy society and future
  2. Alleviate the climate change impact and increase in biodiversity
  3. Additional livelihood for the marginalized coastal and Upland farm communities
  4. Healing and rehabilitation from pandemic
  5. Educational venue for the volunteers via webinar
  6. Great for mental health for the volunteer tree planters.
  7. Prevent soil erosions, coastal flooding, and ocean pollution
  8. Coastal PROTECTION from Storm Surge, sea-level rise, and tsunami
  9. Healthy Mangroves Forest has so much Oxygen and absorbs all the air pollution.


Corporate Social Responsibility (Shared Value)

1. AWARENESS: Your group can request a FREE talk on Creation, Community, Climate Change and Conservation. Get to know the communities and the updates on the conservation. Zoom account will be from the requesting party. It’s 50 minutes to 1- hour Environment Education talk. Donation is optional.


2. ACTION: CSR Tree Planting (Upland, River, Coastal)


Your CSR (Shared Value) Tree planting will help the fishing, and farming community to recover faster from pandemics and secure the health of the society with more healthy forests. It is a way to make more responsible groups and individuals that can protect the environment.


Our community sites are

1. Bataan - coastal and upland

2. Pampanga - coastal

3. Bulacan - coastal and upland

4. Cavite coastal. upland, river

5. Batangas Coastal and Upland

6. Rizal Upland

7. Zambales Upland

After the tree planting, photo documentation, videos, certificate of conservation, and social responsibility, Facebook Livestream will be sent to the sponsor.


3. ACTION: Adoption of Conservation site (5hectares for 5years). Letter of intent from the head of the sponsoring group is required. There will be consultation of stakeholders and leveling of expectations.


4. ACTION: Let’s turn your abandoned fishponds into mangrove forests or idle land into forests. 


Other Corporate Social Responsibility Services

    1. CSR: Turtle Egg Conservation (Sept to Feb Only)
    2. Sponsor a community nursery 
    3. Company Outing and Incentive tours for employees
    4. Pilgrimage Healing Visita Iglesia Jubilee Churches 
    5. Humanitarian Outreach (abandoned elders, children, babies and marginalized fishing/farming communities)
    6. Livelihood Outreach Program (Bangka/Fishingnet/ Nursery / Crab trap / farming tools)
    7. Sponsor a Mangrove Eco-leaders Training and Conservation to local fishing communities to guide tourists environment awareness and conservation action.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email. It’s our pleasure to help with your CSR needs with safe tender loving care. 


Stay safe, happy, and healthy


Carpe Diem