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La Bicicleta Hostal

La Bicicleta Hostal is a project developed by four young Nicaraguan women committed to encouraging a travelling culture based on social responsibility, environmental sustainability and the promotion of culture and local consumption and production. Its mission is to be a bridge between worlds to generate a respectful and transparent connection between the foreign and domestic for mutual enrichment.  
Global Tourism Plastics Initiative Signatory
La Bicicleta Hostal contributes to the protection of natural resources by attracting tourists to parks and protected areas, promoting rural tourism and implementing sustainable practices and green technologies. This includes obtaining hot water from solar panels, waste management, dispensers for hygiene supplies, offering glass-packaging products only, promotion of sustainable practices, minimal use of electrical appliances, a zero-waste shop, supporting the local economy by procuring supplies from small businesses and hiring employees from the community and an organic vegetable garden. 


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, La Bicicleta Hostal commits to:

  • Eliminating from their cleaning services the problematic or unnecessary plastic items by the year 2022 
  • Eliminating from their rooms the problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging by the year 2020 
  • Eliminating from their bathrooms the problematic or unnecessary plastic items by the year 2023 
  • Eliminating from their kitchens the problematic or unnecessary plastic-packaging by the year 2021 
  • Introducing reusable solutions in their rooms to replace cling films by the rear 2021 
  • Introducing reusable solutions in their bathrooms to replace containers for cleaning products by the year 2020 
  • Introducing reusable solutions in their food and drinks services to replace single-portion or single-serving packaging by the year 2021 
  • Introducing reusable solutions in their cleaning services to replace containers for cleaning products by the year 2021 
  • Engaging the value chain to provide data on recyclability and compostability of plastic packaging to facilitate the move towards 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. 
  • Taking action to increase the amount of recycled content across all plastic packaging and items used by 2025 
  • Collaborating with others and investing in the collection and segregation of recyclable and organic materials in their facilities to help increase recycling and composting rates in practice