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Jaya House River Park Hotel

Located alongside the Siem Reap River in Cambodia, Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap is a small hotel with 36 rooms, two swimming pools, a spa, and an all-day dining restaurant. The hotel is almost fully single-use plastic free and supports four different NGOs in greater Siem Reap. 

They are the cofounder of the global campaign Refill Not Landfill, founded in 2016 to reduce single-use plastic drinking bottles and other single-use plastic waste. Refill Not Landfill aims to reduce the millions of plastic water bottles discarded each year and has been awarded with the AFAR media “Travel Vanquard 2019” award.

In the bathrooms, Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap uses its handmade in-room amenities Jaya Organics handmade in Siem Reap and provided in glass bottles. In addition to integrating circular solutions to tackle plastic pollution, Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap has expanded their offer of plant-based food options and will continue to source organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. 

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Jaya House River Park, Siem Reap commits to:
  • Encouraging their affiliated organisations and businesses or partners to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative by promoting the GTPI at every opportunity via their social media channels, website, and webinars.  
  • Advising and guiding affiliated organizations and businesses or partners to better manage plastics in their operations by educating their tourism partners on how to become plastic free.
Only working with DMCs that have a similar vision making the active reduction of plastic use part of contracts as soon as travel returns. Communicating about the topic of plastic reduction and their successes with affiliated organizations and businesses, partners, travellers, and key local stakeholders in person, as well as via social media channels and podcasts.
Jaya House River Park in Siem Reap ( Cambodia)  has been #singleuseplasticfree since December 2016 and are the co-founder of 
As a small, independent multi award winning boutique hotel in Siem Reap we would like to take the lead and showcase to the bigger hotels (chains) that immediate action should be take with regards to the reduction of plastics and that it could be done in a financially viable way ! We don't need "pledges / we need immediate action" in the tourism industry. 
4.6 millon #singleuseplastic water bottles a month used by the tourism industry in Cambodia isn't sustainable and needs to be changed 
Climate Action Plan Pending