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India Youth For Society


To make every Indian a socially and ecologically responsible citizen for building the nation through empowering the youth, providing employment opportunities and protecting the environment.


India Youth For Society (IYFS) was established under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Regd. No.  331/2011) with headquarters at Visakhapatnam. The Society has grown from a few nominal members to 34 active and efficient group members including volunteers and interns. Today, the society runs its awareness campaigns in Visakhapatnam as well as Hyderabad.





·       Nehru Yuva Kendra

-        199/16

·       United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

-        503/2018

·       United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

-        Observer Status

·       Oceans Conference

-        81/2020

·       Global Waste Cleaning Network

-        GWCN/M/31.315



  • To teach students about conservation methods.
  • To spread environmental awareness in all areas. 
  • To implement plastic pollution preventive measures through awareness campaigns, cleaning activities and mechanical scrap handling.
  • To work towards water conservation and to restore polluted ponds, lakes and water tanks.
  • To help unemployed youth with mentorship and assistance, while providing them with growth opportunities for a secured livelihood.
  • To promote traffic safety and to assist accident victims
  • To aid in drug de-addiction and provide mental support
  • To promote peace and non-violence among the citizens
  • To encourage handicrafts and promote local heritage.



1.     Plastic Free India 

Sensitizing the public about reusing, reducing and eliminating the usage of disposable plastic items from their day to day lives. We are gradually succeeding in lowering the amount of plastic-related harmful chemicals around us.


2.     Clear Coasts Campaign

Raising awareness about littering and its impact on environment and organizing beach cleaning drives in Visakhapatnam. 

Ensuring compliance with the 4Cs of preventing marine pollution – 

1)     Coastal Clean-up

2)     Citizen Participation

3)     Cotton Bags

4)     Collection


3.     MESSAGE

Teach students in government schools about conservation methods and spreading environmental awareness in all aspects.