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Appala Reddy Yendreddi


Appala Reddy Yendreddi is an environmental educator and a part of several impacting climate change initiatives. He, and his three siblings were born and brought up in Visakhapatnam, India. Appala Reddy works with the urban local municipality on an ongoing basis since 2018. He is a self-motivated individual with diverse on-ground working experience in climate change & waste management. He facilitates and organizes several pollution control campaigns. His strive is to see a SUP (single use plastic free) non-polluted India. He pursued Master of Social Work degree from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur. 

He founded India Youth for Society [IYFS] in 2011 and Visakhapatnam District Cycling Association in 2017. Along with co-partner Jagadish Kumar Mummana, he established Green Initiatives, an e-waste waste management venture in 2017, which is running successfully to date. He was awarded LEAD India Fellowship in 2018, ‘Eco Peace Leadership’ Fellowship, South Korea in 2019 and was recognized by the Andhra Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, for his efforts in plastic pollution control measures. 

He has participated in seminars internationally: International Nitrogen Management Launch in Sri Lanka in 2019 Ad Hoc Third & Fourth Marine Pollution meet organized by UNEP. His activities, initiatives & focused programs resonate his long term vision of a cleaner, better managed, pollution free, hygienic city and country.