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Exodus Travels

The tour operator, Exodus Travels, was founded over 45 years ago and have developed 500 itineraries across 90 separate countries. The company offers a range of adventure travel experiences for small groups, visiting cities, mountain ranges, deserts, coasts, and jungles, with the aim of improving life through travel. Exodus strives to minimise environmental impact and benefit destination communities.


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Exodus Travels commits to:
  • Encouraging partners in the supply chain and at destination level to join the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative by updating their Operator and Leader handbooks to align with their Nature Net Positive commitment and minimum sustainability standards which includes plastic reduction. Supporting suppliers to identify where they are using plastic and how they can remove this.
  • Providing a handbook detailing their sustainability criteria as well as a sustainability survey and encouraging their suppliers to adhere to their sustainability minimum standards.
  • Communicating their achievements and successes, providing updates in annual newsletters and have extensive information in the sustainability section on their website. They will create a Sustainability Report which will include sustainability stats and goals and will provide an overview of their progress.
  • Reporting publicly and annually on progress of the implementation of our own commitment to the GTPI.
After almost 50-years of as an adventure tour operator offering trips all round the world, we firmly believe travel should not only enrich our lives, but improve life for the people and places we visit too. So our People, Places & Planet plan ( lays out the ways in which we persistently and passionately seek to improve life through travel — for the places we visit, people we meet, and the planet we explore. This includes our Nature First commitment (AKA our climate action plan) which promises to ensure our adventures are Nature Net Positive – giving back far more to this planet and its ecosystems than they take. Included in our Nature First commitment is our goal to halve our carbon footprint by 2030, compensate for all trip emissions, proactively support nature restoration (primarily through our partnerships with Rewilding Europe and Nature Metrics, but also through our itineraries) and also join with others in the sector to collaborate on find solutions and advocate for accelerating change in the industry. See more here: