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Edge Environment


We exist to help our clients create value from tackling one of the world’s most fundamental challenges: creating truly sustainable economies and societies.

We do this by combining science, strategy and storytelling in a way that gives our clients the confidence to take ambitious action and do well by doing good. Our mission is to create a world where unsustainable is unthinkable.

Sustainability is a journey, with every organisation having a different starting point and destination. Recognising that, we’ve built a team of specialists from a wide range of disciplines, allowing us to guide and support clients no matter where they are along the path.



Our services are split into six key strategic focus areas, which together span leadership, strategy, research, technical analysis and practical implementation.

  1. Sustainability Leadership and Communications
  2. ESG & Sustainability Strategy
  3. Circular Economy and Life Cycle Thinking​
  4. Sustainable and Ethical Procurement
  5. Carbon and Climate Resilience
  6. Sustainability Delivery (built environment)