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BIG Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Suistainable Eco-Tourism is what we are focusing and putting our hard efforts on.


I declare to adhere to the followings to be eligible to apply –
- I am an emerging leader of the private sector from Nepal who bears strong expertise in economic
empowerment and entrepreneurial business
- I am keenly interest in experiencing hands-on the activities in a U.S. business or economic
empowerment organization
- I am committed to the importance of a sustainable and empowering business sector in a democracy
- I am proficient in written and spoken English so as to meet prerequisite of the program
- I am a computer-literate, a 35 years old self-directed individual who can work independently as well as
in a teamwork environment
- I am able to adjust to changing cultural settings and environments
- I am genuinely interested in developing and/or expanding on an individual project of my own
- I am innovative and open to new ideas and can work under pressure environments