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Introductory workshop on home composting

The workshop objetive was to explain what home composting consists of, as well as the step-by-step process and the materials for its production with the help of the Compitas Compost project in Boyacá.

The amount of organic waste goes to the landfill where it generates a great deal of pollution, odour problems and leached liquids, among others. Other uses are composting, which consists of the controlled decomposition of organic matter generated by the action of various organisms in the presence of a recommended temperature, humidity and oxygen. Likewise, with the help of Compitas Compost, an enterprise from Boyaca, the steps to make compost at home with the organic waste of each family are explained in order to reduce pollution and the use of processed fertiliser.

Published on February 2, 2022


María José Castañeda

  • El Bosque University

Daniela Ospina Mateus

  • El Bosque University

Felipe Rivera

  • Compitas Compost

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Event start date
09:30 pm
Event end date
10:30 pm

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