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Live: learn how to reduce and manage waste in your daily life

To know about household waste and its correct separation and post-consumer disposal.

Relevance for consumption and sustainable production: Household or domestic waste are all materials from containers, wrappers, packaging, bottles, jars, resulting from food, and other household consumption items. The event aimed to explain the separation of this waste into organic and inorganic, as well as its proper management such as storage, collection, treatment and use. In addition to that, knowledge of environmental regulations applied to waste management was acquired together with the engineer Ivan Montenegro.

Published on May 17, 2022


Daniela Murcia Rojas

  • Coordinator En Modo acción
  • El Bosque University

Iván Montenegro

  • Coordinator En Modo acción
  • El Bosque University
Event start date
11:00 pm
Event end date
12:00 am

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