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Abdel Rahman El Mahdi

Managing Director

I am a Sudanese national with over 20 years of experience in international development mostly anchored in organizational management and programming and with thematic/technical expertise in areas of in peacebuilding and human security, civic engagement and democratic transformation. I am currently serving as the President of the Sudanese Development Initiative (SUDIA), a nongovernmental organization that he founded and that works to achieve greater stability, development, and good governance in Sudan.

I have served on multiple senior positions and assignments with organizations in the Africa region and have a deep understanding and appreciation of the wider governance, policy and institutional dimensions that impact my areas of work and the lives of ordinary people - especially as these might relate to humanitarian, peace and development issues in fragile and conflict-affected states. I sit on leadership positions with several national/regional networks that include the Sudan NGOs Forum, African Democracy Forum, and the Arab Working Group for Media Monitoring. I am a Fellow of the Drapers Hill program on Democracy Development and Rule of Law at Stanford University Freedman Spoogli Institute for International Studies.