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SUDIA - Sudanese Development Initiative

Founded in 1996, the Sudanese Development Initiative (SUDIA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization working for peace, development, and good governance in Sudan. The organization works with a broad cross-section of actors and stakeholders on programmes around (a) democracy and human rights, (b) fbiodiversity conservation, and (c) peacebuilding and community security.

Our programming on democracy and human rights promotion is centered around three areas which involve (i) monitoring and promoting civic space, (ii) enhancing, and supporting the role of civil society and the media in furthering democracy and good governance, and (iii) furthering the participation of marginalized groups of society in political and development processes.

Our peacebuilding and community security programming (a) facilitates dialogue to overcome differences and find common ground around complex issues, (b) stimulates and supports actions that build trust, improves livelihoods, and enhances resilience to violence and conflict; and (c) seeks to prevent/counter violent extremism.

We work to strengthen biodiversity conservation in protected areas by promoting community-led conservation approaches and contributing knowledge/data in support of policy and decision-making.