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Self-Assessment Tool - Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information - Printout version

  • Published on August 26, 2019
This is the printout version of the online tool based on the United Nations Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information. The main objective of this tool is to offer an opportunity for organizations to self-assess and improve the way they are communicating with consumers about product sustainability (through marketing claims, labels, voluntary standards, product declarations, etc.). This tool also serves as a benchmarking tool to organizations that are currently developing new product sustainability information. Please note that feedback will not be provided, as the objective of this tool is for you to promote a reflection process within your own organisation and teams, gaining insights and ideas on how to improve your current work.
This tool serves as a checklist following the Guidelines’ 10 principles and allows you to analyse one specific product’s sustainability information (a claim) of your choice (existing or in development) at a time. This is also available as an online tool that can be accessed here:

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