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Nutrinet-Santé Study in France

  • Published on January 15, 2021
The on-going Nutrinet-Santé Study in France, conducted by an OFSP academic member and involving three other OFSP members, started in 2009 in France and the first questionnaire specifically related Nutrinet-Santé Study in France It is based on a very large cohort of adults (up to more than 100,000), with a web-based prospective follow-up since 2009. It globally aims at describing the relationships between lifestyle, diet and health in adults. One specific goal with the multidisciplinary Bionutrinet project has been to evaluate the relationship of organic food consumption with dietary patterns and nutrition quality, health and impacts on resources and environment ie diet sustainability. Thanks to the huge database elaborated on all participant traits possible, clinical or biochemical analyses and state of the art computational and statistical evaluations, the consortium has been publishing more than 15 original scientific articles up to 2020 in reputed scientific journals including some world top ones (JAMA, Am J Clin Nutr, Nature sustainability, Clin Change). It is the largest human study in this field in the world.
Changes in consumption patterns toward more organic food

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