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A new financial scheme for public school refurbishment.

  • Published on January 15, 2023

This project is related to a refurbishment of two public schools by using the Energy Performance Contract (EPC). This savings plan enables to secure not only energy efficient buildings but also better indoor quality, healthier environment for sustainable places for learning and teaching with low environmental impacts.

The project's primary goal is to activate a financial scheme (EPC) that will minimize the financial contribution of the public authority owner of the building. As buildings become more energy-efficient, more money will be saved on bills that go to the contractor in charge of providing maintenance and energy delivery. The Marche Region and the National Manager of Energy Services (GSE) have each contributed to the financial plan, which is utilized to cover the initial cost of the required renovations and make the buildings sustainable.

The intent was to optimise circularity and enhance the use of sustainable building material and technologies, save raw materials, and minimise waste from the construction of the building.

As a result, the tender includes technical specification on energy efficiency with attention paid to internal comfort to create the best indoor environmental conditions for the students and teachers. It is relevant not only the energy consumption reduction but also the indoor quality for the students and staff through acoustics, air quality and thermal comfort requirements.

Thanks to the rock wool insulation and the new performance windows, the renovation intended to increase the envelope efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The production of renewable energy guarantees a decrease in the negative impacts on the environment and CO2 emissions thanks to photovoltaic panels, which provide all of the energy required and enable the stop of using gas as a fossil fuel.

Mechanical ventilation (VMC) systems with heat recovery and the use of building energy management systems (BEMS) to monitor and adapt consumption to actual needs in order to generate greater savings on energy consumption and energy costs guarantee high-quality indoor comfort.

The tendering process using the EPC financial scheme can be replicated by other municipalities to obtain not only energy efficiency buildings but above all to reduce the buildings’ carbon footprint.

This project provides a concrete example in mainstreaming circular practices in public procurement. The innovativeness of this project is to take into practice circular principles within the public procurement and ensure that the procedure runs efficiently and obtains the expected results based on environmental and social requirements.

This project also demonstrates that the Green Public Procurement process where environmental requirements are made mandatory within the tendering process using predetermined award criteria is essential for delivering environmental social value, influencing the market towards sustainable materials and products, improving new skills on green jobs.

?EPC win-win financial model even for public municipality.
Investment share:
POR-FESR funds Marche Region 32%
GSE (Gestore dei Servizi Energetici) funds 61%
Pesaro Municipality 7%
?Due to the specific Technological improvement requested in the call for tender, the existing condition of class F is improved from to class C anticipated in the project of request POR-FESR funds, which leads to class A3 with the following results:
? 90% CO2 emission reduction
? 84% consuption reduction
? healthy indoor quality guaranteed thanks to VMC
?the photovoltaic plant ensures that all energy needs come from renewable resources.


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