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Agenzia del Demanio - Struttura per la Progettazione

The State Property Agency is in charge of managing, rationalizing, and developing the State's real estate assets, and it manages portfolio of approximately 43 thousand assets valued at 62 billion euros. 
In collaboration with institutions and local governments, the Agency promotes the enhancement of public real estate by identifying innovative strategies and tools to activate urban regeneration operations and encourage the redevelopment of underutilized or abandoned public buildings. 
The goal is to maximize the value of goods by ensuring their proper use while also contributing to the development of the country's economic-productive, social, and cultural fabric.
In order to reduce public expenditure, the Agency will optimize and rationalize the spaces used by public administrations, as well as upgrade the heritage in terms of seismic risk prevention and energy efficiency, with the goal of lowering the costs associated with passive rents and operating costs.


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