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Consumer Information Tools & Climate Change

  • Published on January 11, 2021
This initiative aims at providing consumer information tools concerning the Tourism, Building, and Food sectors. It also provides guidance on how such tools can be implemented to reduce global CO2 emissions.
The Tourism, Buildings and Food sector together account for more than half of humanity’s contribution to energy-related CO2 emissions. This initiative aims at providing consumer information tools and some guidance on their use. If implemented correctly, consumer information tools can influence consumer behaviour and trigger more sustainable consumption choices, tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions. The result of this initiative is to have provided accurate and clear information on the use of consumer information tools can support greenhouse gas emission reductions in three industry sectors: tourism, buildings and food. A wide range of tools and systems that seek to guide consumers to make more sustainable choices about goods and services are featured in the activities. The initiative provides policymakers and business leaders with guidance on how to communicate with consumers on environmental and social issues connected to products.

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