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TopLokatie Sauerland

Trying something new, exhausting yourself, refueling and feeling good - isn't that fantastic! Experience your healthy, active holiday full of experiences with us, in the middle of the untouched nature of the Hochsauerland in Germany. Create your moment of adventure - with the whole family or with the whole group. With us you can experience new things and enjoy yourself to the fullest! 

Our TopLocation Sauerland is located in the picturesque village of Walddorf Mollseifen (650m NN), 10 kilometers from Winterberg in Germany. The completely renovated building is easily accessible by car and by public transport. This location offers all the facilities that make a holiday or group stay a success. Five spacious, comfortably furnished apartments, two meeting rooms, a library and a fitness room with sauna ensure a high-quality lodging experience. TopLokatie Sauerland is suitable for groups up to 25 people

The preservation of ecological diversity and responsible use of our resources are key points of TopLokatie Sauerland. Precisely because we attach great importance to achieving such goals, we can also meet the growing environmental awareness of our guests. Read more on:



In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, TopLokatie Sauerland commits to:
  • Eliminating problematic and/or unnecessary plastic packaging or items from rooms, bathrooms and service areas by 2023
  • Introducing reuse models or reusable alternatives to replace plastic items in rooms, bathrooms and service areas by 2023
  • Engaging the value chain (i.e. by engaging suppliers, introducing procurement criteria, and establishing a 2025 target) to provide data on recyclability and compostability of plastic packaging to facilitate the move towards 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025
  • Taking action to increase the amount of recycled content across all plastic packaging and items used by 2025, by engaging suppliers and establishing procurement criteria on percentage of recycled content required in plastic items and packaging
  • Collaborating and investing in increasing recycling and composting rates through: provision of training and means for staff to sort solid waste, engaging waste service providers, and investing resources to promote innovation that results in increased recycling rates
  • Reporting publicly and annually on progress made towards these targets via own reporting mechanisms


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