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Rikolto's Food Smart Cities programme, towards more sustainable and inclusive food systems

  • Published on January 11, 2021
The ultimate goal is for every child in Solo to have access to healthy food. Therefore a local "healthy school canteen standard" is drawn up together with the Health Department, the Education Department and the "Empowerment Office" of the city of Solo. This SOP goes further than the national standard, which focuses on health and hygiene issues only and which is now applied by 15 schools in Solo (10 private and 5 public). The project goal is that the city council approves the SOP and provides more resources for the 256 primary schools, 83 technical schools and more than 100 secondary schools in Solo, so that the the number of canteens that meet the healthy canteen standard can be systematically expanded. On the long term (2030) a legal regulation should ensure that every school canteen in Solo will offer safe, healthy and high-quality food.
The project is a collaboration between multiple actors: Civil Society (Gita Pertiwi, Rikolto), Local Government, schools with all their actors (teachers, parents, cooks, ...), food producers. The draft text for the Standard Operating Procedure is ready (based on 5 principles: infrastructure, food safety, management, food monitoring, awareness raising), but the COVID-19 health and economic crisis urges the partners to include also COVID-19 protocols in the SOP.

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