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National Food Traceability Platform

  • Published on January 17, 2022

In October 2015 the Ministry of Agriculture launched the National Food Traceability Platform to support consumer communications of food businesses. Following the completion of the four sectoral guidelines, the guidelines was developed for two further sub-sectors from 2019 onwards.

The Platform aims to provide traceability, a system for the entire food supply chain, to improve the competitiveness of the Hungarian food companies on the European market by raising their traceability systems, business communication and consumer marketing tools to higher level. The Platform widely presents international identification, communication and tracking standards and solutions based on them as well as modern, Internet-based and mobile technologies.

The Platform develops recommendations and guidelines to support the implementation of effective traceability, helps businesses to identify and fulfil the legal requirements on traceability of food products, to provide information to the end consumer, for introducing the system to identify and install compliance tools. Also helps to increase stakeholders’ awareness of international traceability standards and modern, digital technological solutions based on them.

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