In response to the SDG12, 15 and the strategy of protecting Biodiversity. With support from WWF China, CCFA developed this consumer guideline, under the umbrella of the Sustainable Consumption Week, in order to raise consumer awareness of zero deforestation, connect to forest with products and further impact retailers for more forest responsible sourcing.

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Education & Awareness Raising

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Chong Li

China Chain Store and Franchise Association

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From the perspective of consumers, to help the consumers intuitively feel the impact of their consumption choices on the environment, forest and biodiversity, and promote more people to choose products and lifestyles that are zero deforestation. This guideline promotes related sustainable standards information (e.g. FSC, CFCC, RTRS, GRSB, RSPO etc.), provides practical tips for forest positive actions, as well as selects 4 representative animals that lives in forest and grassland to raise awareness in biodiversity.


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Impact and Results

This guideline was promoted during the Sustainable Consumption Week and the Chinashop2020 -Sustainable Lifestyle Exhibition Area, in November, Shanghai, with an estimation of 10,000 visitors during the exhibition date.