UDYAMA has demonstrated few livelihoods models & undertaken focused capacity building programs of communities towards resource conservation and growing crops towards addressing food security but there has great gap towards doubling income incorporating knowledge with improved technology at community level.Although pilot being implemented, greater attention need to address this doubling farmers income with a sustained value chain is a huge challenge.

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Agricultural and Fishery, Environmental Services, Water

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Capacity Building & Implementation, Education & Awareness Raising, Research, Analysis, Assessment

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Civil society

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Pradeep Mahapatra

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The objective is to doubling farmers income will bring a structural change in society in promoting sustainable agriculture, biodynamic-farming-practices as model towards resource-building an enabling-environment with assured market , value added product and better bio-fortified nutrient along with better living standard of farming community especially dignity of women and children stunted growth & education .This process will create an organic-bondage with farm-nonfarm sectors with added-value- product, productivity, capacity development, assured market .This SFS will be an opportunity for meaningful collaboration, convergence, synergy building among government, CSOs corporate and private-business-houses , research &, donor community to have a dialogue on current development-challenges .SFS is connector , 10YFP has plenty linkages with other theme: consumer information like production, products, cultural biodiversity,packages , practices, goods and services habit and local rituals. Moreover doubling farmer’s income is largely linked to lifestyle improvement, consumers information & fair price . As income increases anybody could prefer for better living standard, priority will be given to asset creation: sustainable building construction , green procurement, Life style changes , It is guided by changes in sustainable consumption,production behavior& marketing, tax payment & nation building.thus food system has great organic-link &created linkages to themes logically


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Impact and Results

Rise in women in Agriculture as a shifting trend in rural agricultural based livelihood, Net increase in the incomes of women from farm and non-farm based interventions , benefit maximisation through adoption of innovative farming and non farming practices, Increased soil health and fertility to sustain agriculture based livelihoods, Improved food and nutritional security of women and their families & enhanced income , Increase in area under cultivation, cropping intensity and food production by women ,Strengthening of community Institutions for better management and control of resources , Development of resource pool of facilitators , Drudgery reduction for women in agriculture through use tools / technologies , Community adaptation measures evolved to reduce vulnerability ,Enabling environment for income enhancement entrepreneurial/employable skills , Establishing effective network among stakeholders and initiate citizen action , process for availing carbon credit from community biodiversity, local forest ,Added value: creation of jobs, improved nutrition, gender equality, This platform shall help to raise the relative profile and positioning of consortium and to disseminate learning to decision makers to guide regional, national policies and public investment schemes in natural resource management sector

Next steps and how to get involved

There has funding assurance from National Agriculture Bank And Rural Development (NABARD) for the promotion of six producers companies with minimum seed money support and ICCO to keep continuing the sustainable livelihoods programas part of convergence , ICRISAT has agreed to partner for Bhuchatana for five districts, Support from PKVY & Millet mission is under way but there has a need of additional financial support from other donors, private business houses, foundations ,corporate for broader partnership to take it forward with soft & hard work and value additions towards scaling up livelihoods along with tools, technology and better value chain solutions