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UDYAMA a Development Catalytic organization is working communities  having strong exposure in implementation & adaptive research of human capital building, agro ecology development a nature based solutions for the last two and half a decades. UDYAMA  practices community resilience & adaptation process for most at-risk communities integrating with science, analytics, digital technology & ML , AI, ICT & Cloud sourcing to   Green, Clean, Blue & Circular Economy.

Our extended and enhanced learning outreach with local, regional, international organizations on micro-macro linkages towards resilience building has been well built as the community is first,   . UDYAMA is deeply advocating localizing the SDGs and pursuing local action & global networking & influencing policy for risk-informed resilient development, local carbon sequestration as part of community adaptation with special to the advancement of protection of local food forest, nutrition boosting & biodiversity along with a cross-sector integration as Human Development matter.  UDYAMA is undertaking alternate livelihood models & employable market-led life skills building for safe migration connecting sources and destinations in an urban setting with added innovation for cluster growth Odisha and neighboring states that have well connected.         

Further UDYAMA ensures evidence-based Demonstration,  Local action, Local Perspective: There will be a model of Integrated farming with at least two models in a  block apart from sporadic work. Restore and protect ecosystems, supporting nature’s ability to draw down carbon, as well as safeguarding biodiversity, food security, water recharge,  & convergent action.   Fact that our multisector approach is to link to the broader view of Poverty & poverty alleviation that goes beyond just income, it highlights the crucial role of ‘local context’ and how this influences the asset base, Gives spaces to local perspectives, Local Action - categorize the strategies that make up their livelihoods. Build on what exists - an integrated perspective that unites the concepts of economic development with the inclusion process ,


To minimize the temperature  on solid action on local biodiversity conservation, water system, food systems, clean air, energy towards livelihoods resilience & adaptation maximization
Climate Action Plan Pending


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Under an extensive soil health mapping program in Odisha state, India, over 40,200 soil samples from farmers’ fields across...