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The Heart of the Matter: Infusing Sustainability Values in Education

Type of document: Best practices, case studies

A collection of experiences of education for sustainable development with the Earth Charter.

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In 2003, UNESCO recognized the importance of the Earth Charter for ESD in Resolution Reference 32C/17, which states: “…recognizing the Earth Charter as an important ethical framework for sustainable development”, affirms member states’ intention to “utilize the Earth Charter as an educational instrument, particularly in the framework of the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development”. Over the course of the Decade, Earth Charter International has contributed to the efforts of the UNDESD by organizing workshops, courses, teacher trainings, and events. ECI has produced several publications about the Earth Charter in ESD initiatives and this publication highlights only a few of the more recent stories. The collection showcased in this publication celebrates the ongoing global effort to bring ethics and values into education at all levels. The 19 stories in this publication detail initiatives to further that goal. These examples show the amazing diversity and creativity of educators around the world who are finding ways to bring sustainability values into teaching and learning, and by doing so are helping to accelerate sustainable development.