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Guideline on Green Office Criteria & Lifestyle in Vietnam

Published in 2018 by

Type of document: Training materials, toolkits

The guideline was developed within an initiative "Upscale and Mainstream Green Office Lifestyles in Vietnam" under the 10YFP on SCP. The content of the guideline is to introduce Green Office approach and method of AIT-VN and how it responses to both international and local needs on GHG reduction, climate change, environmental awareness through adoption of sustainable consumption and sustainability-driven behavior changes.

Further information

The guideline is comprised of three chapters (1) How Green Office responses to the needs on GHG emission reduction, climate change and environmental awareness (2) How to calculate GHG emission for a typical office with key domains of consumption: Electricity, Water, Paper, Waste, Equipment, Traveling & Accommodation on mission (3) How to set up a Green Office and establish a Green Office Management System. The audience will have a thorough knowledge and skills on the Green Office approach by AIT-VN and learn how to run a Green Office program, including GHG emission inventory, training on sustainable consumption and behavior changes amongst employees of an office, establishment of a GO management system. The guideline include a variety of case study and best practices that have been adopted and showcased in 10 green offices within the initiative. This would help the audience learn by practical information.