Collection of statistical information on Green Public Procurement in the EU - Report on data collection results

Published in 2009 by

Type of document: Communication / Awareness Raising

Informe que contiene información estadística sobre compras públicas ecológicas en la Unión Europea. El informe se basa en diez grupos de productos frecuentemente adquiridos por instituciones públicas para verificar si cumplen con criterios ecológicos.

Report containing statistical information on Green Public Procurement in the European Union. The report is based on ten selected product groups frequently procured by public institutions to check if they meet green criteria.

Further information

The report presents the levels and impact of Green Public Procurement measured in the seven best performing Member States of the European Union: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. For a reflection on the methodology please refer to the conclusions in chapter 7, pages 68-71.