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Jade Mountain Resort

Since 2007, the Jade Mountain & Anse Chastanet Resorts in Saint Lucia provide luxury hospitality on the island while keeping at heart the respect of the nature and the community surrounding it. Having recognized that the environment was key to its success, the company has been implementing policies, training, and creative thinking to minimize its footprint. It places a strong emphasis on 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' and communicates with guests about it on a day to day basis in order to sensitize them.


Global Tourism Plastics Initiative Signatory


Jade Mountain & Anse Chastanet  Resorts lays focus on utility management (water harvesting) to make its water supply independent from community of Soufriere. It also aims to develop its own water bottling systems. In addition to help manage the protected near shore area, Jade Mountain & Anse Chastanet Resorts optimized the management of electricity, water consumption, and transportation of the resorts. 


Additionally, Jade Mountain & Anse Chastanet  have been consistently named one of the Top Caribbean resorts in both the Travel Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler  World’s Best Awards and are the only two resorts in Saint Lucia that are Travelife Gold Certified. The resorts also won the Award for Service Excellence, Green Award, Prime Minister’s Award for Innovation and Business of the Year of Saint Lucia in 2018.

Role in programme(s):


In the framework of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, the Jade Mountain Resorts commits to:

  • Eliminating problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging / single-portion or single-serving packaging / plastic items and introduce reusable solutions from their rooms to replace those by 2022. 

  • Eliminating problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging / single-portion or single-serving packaging / plastic items from their bathrooms by 2022. 

  • Introducing reusable solutions in their bathrooms to replace plastic packaging / plastic items / cling films by 2022. 

  • Eliminating problematic or unnecessary plastic packaging / single-portion or single-serving packaging / plastic items / cling films from their food and drink services by 2022 

  • Introducing reusable solutions in their food and drink services to replace plastic packaging / single-portion or single-serving packaging / plastic items by 2022. Jade Mountain Resorts aims to own water bottling equipment and remove all PET drinking water bottles from their operation. 

  • Engaging the value chain to provide data on recyclability and compostability of plastic packaging to facilitate the move towards 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. They will do so by designating relevant information on alternatives specific to Saint Lucia and the ability of local solid waste systems to manage alternatives as waste streams. 

  • Taking action to increase the amount of recycled content across all plastic packaging and items used by 2025 and reaching 20% recycled content on average through waste diversion via the informal recycling sector. 

  • Collaborating with others and investing in collection and segregation of recyclable and organic materials in their facilities to help increase recycling and composting rates in practice. 



Fulfilling our commitment to sustainable operations is not only our passion but an essential part of being a world partner in the face of climate change 
Climate Action Plan Pending