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Iceland Tourism Cluster

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The Icelandic Tourism Cluster operates a project initiative called Responsible Tourism. Companies participating in Responsible Tourism agree on a limited number of clear and simple measures of responsible tourism. The purpose of the incentive project is to maintain Iceland‘s status as an optimal future destination for tourists by supporting sustainability for future generations of the nation. Leaders from over 200 companies have now signed a declaration on responsible tourism. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland, is the project’s patron. By signing the Glasgow Declaration the Icelandic Tourism cluster is stating its ongoing ambition for the ecosystem of tourism and also to encourage the companies from the value chain of Tourism to be a part of the signatory. The five shared pathways from the declaration to: Measure, Decarbonise, Regenerate, Collaborate, Finance, go hand in hand with the goals and objective of the Iceland Responsible Tourism initiative and supports its main agenda to work on tourism for all.
Climate Action Plan Pending