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Fundación Panameña de Turismo Sostenible (APTSO)

The Panama Foundation for Sustainable Tourism (APTSO) is a non-profit that promotes sustainable development in Panama through tourism, while encouraging both the private and public sectors to engage and improve community and environmental development in the country. We drive strategies that protect our natural and cultural heritages through equitable economic empowerment of tourism activities.   Our mission is to co-create sustainable tourism strategies, networks and competencies that enable our communities and destinations in Panama to thrive. We seek to become a catalyst for transformative change, promoting the conservation of the natural and cultural environment, generating equitable economic opportunities and enriching the visitor experience.

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"Community tourism initiatives will provide economic incentives to protect our natural patrimony, support conservation strategies and develop new tourism experiences for the adventure traveler.” The Panamanian Foundation for Sustainable Tourism (APTSO) is a nonprofit foundation that aims to develop and promote sustainable tourism in Panama through strategic collaboration to maximize socioeconomic and conservation outcomes, enhancing the well-being of our local communities. The COVID-19 crisis has posed a series of complex challenges for the tourism industry and rural communities and also exposed the vulnerability of their livelihoods that depends of natural resources. The tourism industry needs a radical transformation to reduce the negative environmental impacts of the tourism industry and contribute actively to help the planet from climate disaster. We all must rethink tourism and work to change the dominant tourism development model, based on quantity to one that adapt to local experiences and support the local and natural cultures of the host destination. By signing the Glasgow Declaration with are committing in working in strategic collaboration with more international stakeholders to transform the tourism through the Panama Alliance of community Tourism to the specific objectives: Develop a Community Tourism Strategy aligned with the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan of the Authority of Tourism of Panama and the Glascow Declaration Promote the recovery of natural and productive spaces, simultaneously ensuring food security. Strengthen and provide digital platforms to connect products with local and international markets. With PACTO we aim to create complementary income opportunities as an incentive for communities to support conservation strategies, wildlife protection and natural resource management. We hope that this alliance will support Panama to thrive over the long term for incredible natural, cultural and historical diversity.
Climate Action Plan Pending