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Ecobnb’s mission is to promote sustainable tourism. The community involves more than two million people, encouraging green practices in traveling and hospitalities. In fact, Ecobnb connects responsible travelers with eco-friendly accommodations. Thanks to the investment in green energy, organic food, waste reduction, sustainable mobility, etc, the eco-friendly accommodations mapped on Ecobnb are contributing to reducing the environmental footprint in the Tourism sector. Furthermore, staying in an eco-friendly place travelers can improve their knowledge about sustainability, and join a more eco-friendly lifestyle. For every night spent in an eco-friendly hotel can be saved about 8 kg of CO2 emissions, compared to a traditional one. That's equivalent to 295 trees saved! ( Ecobnb has received the prize of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO for innovation in Tourism. In the last years, Ecobnb has developed a new project of tree planting and forest preserving, in order to concretely contribute to stopping climate change and save the Planet.
Climate Action Plan Pending