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It is time to take measurable and concrete actions to fight climate change and to work together to develop a better planet for future generations. This is one of the reasons why we decided to sign and join the Glasgow Declaration. We believe in tourism as a force of good which, when conducted in a sustainable and responsible way, can have a long term positive impact benefitting both the planet and the people. It is also critical that the tourism industry does what it can to protect and respect the surrounding ecosystems where we live and operate, not only for the future of the planet but also for the future of the industry itself. Without preserving our heritage sites, culture and traditions, respecting our local communities and protecting our biodiversity, oceans and natural environments there won’t be any travel experiences in the future. Restoring nature - and our relationship with it - will be key to our sector’s recovery from the pandemic, as well as its future prosperity and resilience. In order to have the positive effects that are required and to address the climate change issue, we must first acknowledge and measure the impact of tourism in our Southeast Asian destinations, commit to actions, and work with organizations and local people to mitigate them. It is important to act now in our region, especially in developing countries that have limited access to sustainability technologies, as tourism in these places is a vital lifeline to millions of people. Together with our fellow partners and colleagues we are committed to this statement and to reducing our impact and our carbon footprints in Southeast Asia.
Climate Action Plan Pending