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Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)

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Climate change and its impacts, places the very existence of the small island developing states in the Caribbean at risk. Research indicates that climate change is expected to induce permanent social, economic and environmental changes in the Caribbean region, which will alter some of the key ‘push-pull’ factors influencing tourism in the Caribbean. Although Caribbean SIDS contribute minimally (less than one percent) to global emissions, they are among the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate variability and climate change. Moreover, climate change threatens the integrity and stability of tourism globally and it is recognised that there is need for initiatives, to manage tourism's response on a global scale and reduce its overall environmental footprint. The Glasgow Declaration is a pioneering and proactive action to operationalise an approach to reduce vulnerability and build resilience to climate variability and change that emphasizes collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders related to tourism. This is in keeping with the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s strategy to build partnerships for advocacy, education and awareness to support mitigation and adaptation efforts.