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Bonito Municipality ( Mato Grosso do Sul)

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Based on over two decades of implementing sustainable tourism management practices, Bonito’s efforts to introduce climate action at the core of our destination management model date back to 1995. At that time, Bonito created a Tourism Voucher system designed to control the number of tourists per attraction based on a scientific reference point for tourist carrying capacity  . Bonito has since emerged as one of the most lauded ecotourism destinations in the country, and a global refence for sustainable tourism management practices.
Inspired by our signature of the Glasgow Declaration, we partnered with Green Initiative and recently received the accreditation of Bonito as the first Carbon Neutral ecotourism destination worldwide. Climate action is proving to be a fundamental aspect for catalyzing public and private investments. This effort will directly contribute to the progressive decarbonization of Bonito, allowing us to comply with our destination management targets. We need to be ambitious and accelerate our efforts towards Net Zero emissions. We also need to be realistic and pragmatic, in the sense that we need to comply with the targets we propose. In this context, the most important aspect of this process, is the need to decouple the success of economic development with its negative climate impacts. As such, our climate action model for Bonito will help us promote local growth and economic prosperity, while reducing the carbon footprint per tourist, which today stands at 0,73 tons per tourist. 
Climate Action Plan Pending