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Strengthening institutional and technical capacity

  • Published on December 1, 2018
Sustainable consumption and production project launched in Argentina, Bhutan, and Rwanda.

Strengthening institutional and technical capacity for SCP project has just been launched in Argentina, Bhutan, and Rwanda.

The project aims at supporting the three targeted countries in addressing:

  1. strengthening of the national institutional and technical capacities needed to create a culture of SCP across governments and societies.
  2. the use of scientific methodologies and tools to support the design and implementation of strategic SCP policies and instruments and identifying high-impact sectors and area for intervention.
  3. access to expert networks and existing solutions.

The project is supported by the United Nations Development Account (UNDA).


The UNDA is a capacity development programme of the United Nations Secretariat aimed at enhancing the capacities of developing countries in the priority areas of the UN development agenda. UNDA projects are funded from the regular budget and implemented by 10 entities of the UN Secretariat. The Account was originally established in 1997 and since then has programmed over 400 projects for a total budget of $238 million.

Faris Mohammed - Unsplash 

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