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Four new podcast interviews released by SBC programme

  • Published on January 27, 2020
The One Planet network Sustainable Buildings and Construction programme has made available several new interviews from it's Build With Care series

The Build With Care podcast series from the One Planet network Sustainable Buildings programme dives into the expertise of partners from across the programme's network, on a series of topics related to the circular built environment.  Different points of view from partners across the globe highlight some of the recurring opportunities that circularity in the buildings and construction sector offers, but also the unique challenges faced by stakeholders in diverse regions. 

Recently, four new podcast interviews bring in perspectives from North America, Latin America, Australia, and Africa:  

  • Naomi Keena is a lecturer and researcher at Yale University in the United States of America, and the discussion with her highlights some of the trends on circular buildings in North America.  
  • Paul Moreno works on promoting ecologicall and economically sustainable habitats in Ecuador as part of the EcoSur network, bringing in the perspective from Latin America. 
  • Usah Iyer-Raniga, who conducts research at RMIT University in Australia, provided a look at the state of play for the circular built environment in Australia and Oceania. 
  • Jeremy Gibberd is a researcher and consultant based in South Africa, and contributed his perspective on circularity in in the built in the built environment in Africa. 

All of these podcasts, and several others from the Build With Care series are available on the Soundcloud page of the Sustainable Buildings and Construction programme

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