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Article featured in Urban Agriculture Magazine on "Multi-stakeholder Mechanisms" study

  • Published on September 8, 2022

An article on the report "National and Sub-national Food Systems Multi-Stakeholder Mechanisms" featured in the most recent issue (#38) of the Urban Agriculture Magazine published by the RUAF Global Partnership on Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems. authored by colleagues of the SFS Programme Marina Bortoletti (UNEP), Carmen Torres Ledezma (UNEP), Mark Lundy and Michael Mulet Solon (WWF).

Multi-stakeholder mechanisms have become afamiliar feature of the food policy landscape at the national, regional and subnational levels, all around the world. The article summarises the findings of a major study that sought to understand the contribution of multi-stakeholder mechanisms in embedding a systems approach into efforts to support the sustainable food systems transition.

Read the full article here.

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